Jazmine Saunders

Chichester Canal Heritage Centre, The Wharf, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 8DT

Jazmine Saunders

Paintings of the wildlife around the canal. Process led, steel and cast aluminium sculptures, based on nature.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I am showing the work created for the refurbishment of the Chichester Canal Heritage centre, inspired by Turner the mural is a balanced and attractive artwork that contains as much detail as possible of the canal environment. The collage mural shows a view of life in the water, on the water, on the banks, in the hedgerows, and flying over the canal with the main flora and fauna visible. The painting depiction is independent of time in respect of the seasons and time of day. There will be some cards depicting vignettes of animals and/or plants, aligning with those shown in the mural.
Alongside this, I will be displaying process led steel and cast aluminium sculptures based on the theme of connections to nature.

Additional Information

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