Jane Fremantle

Courtyard Studios, Crows Hall Farm, Chilgrove, West Sussex PO18 9HP

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Jane Fremantle

Sculptures hand-carved in alabaster, soapstone, onyx, slate and marble. Paintings in ink.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Jane hand-carves stone, mainly alabaster, soapstone, onyx and slate. Much of her time is spent learning how the material quality of stone can be balanced with her own ideas and inspirations. She explores its texture, translucency, the roughness of natural stone and its appearance when smoothed. She investigates its ability to hold the tool marks and gestures that reveal the presence of the artist. A new area being explored is a response to textures in the landscape, using free-flowing acrylic inks. Jane works in her studio in Chilgrove and has recently completed an MFA in Sculpture at West Dean College.

Additional Information

See more at www.janefremantle.net

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