Emily Ellen

151 Rose Green Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO21 3ED

Emily Ellen

A mix of exciting contemporary acrylic works on canvas.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Emily Ellen is an artist living and working in West Sussex. Emily studied at Falmouth University and has an MA in Illustration. Her work is varied and exciting, recently departing from a focus on watercolour illustration and returning to her roots in large acrylic work. She has a studio in her garden and works outside as much as possible. Emily’s work is largely led by the seasons, allowing the colours and mood to seep into her paintings. A mixture of the highest quality acrylic paints, inks, glosses, and glazes are applied in a multitude of layers. Initially, washes are built up in subtle veils of colour. Later, more daring marks are used with an energetic dance around the canvas. This alchemy of techniques results in compositions of rich pigments that are always deeply connected to nature.

Additional Information

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