Sarah MacLaughlin

Lighthouse Studio, 2 School Lane, Compton, West Sussex PO18 9EZ

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Sarah MacLaughlin

Vibrantly painted wooden boxes and decorative wooden tiles.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I became obsessed with colour in my early 20's and have needed to surround myself with bright and bold colours ever since. My home is a mecca of colour. I don't know the definition of too much colour, but do feel the need to simultaneously temper my colour need with a need for "tastefulness" (or at least my definition of tastefulness). I began to paint any wooden objects I could find, wooden furniture in order to refresh and make it into something new. I then began to vibrantly paint wooden boxes that seemed to appeal to adults and children/babies in equal measure. I also paint "tasteful" tissue boxes and 6" by 6" wooden tiles that can easily adhere to any surface (walls, kitchen cupboards, furniture, doors). The tiles can transform any surface into something new and exciting, but personal and intimate. I have been highly inspired by the decorative arts of the Bloomsbury Group, but have evolved my own colourful style, full of life, bringing bold vitality.

Additional Information

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