Elaine Morgan

34 North Road Bosham PO18 8NL

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Elaine Morgan

Acrylic painting, watercolour and cyanotypes: portraits and landscapes/seascapes. Watercolour illustrations suggesting imaginative narrative.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

An Art teacher and occasional free-lance illustrator, I retired in 2014 and now happily enjoy the freedom of experimenting and making in my studio, being able to explore my own practise. I work in paint, print and photography, with ideas cross-pollinating across media. Influences are eclectic - travel, pattern, literature, people - and I am driven both by an interest in the history of Art and its ideas and a playful curiosity in experimental techniques and contemporary graphics. Drawing is always the foundation of my work which is predominantly figurative though, stylistically, I am in a constant state of flux. Recent works have included portraits, seascapes, cyanotypes and intaglio prints

Additional Information


See more at elainemariemorgandotcodotuk.wordpress.com

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