Andrea Lawson

The Haven, Main Road, Nutbourne, West Sussex PO18 8RT

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Andrea Lawson

Acrylic paintings on canvas, white pen drawings and prints, handmade pressed leaves and petal artwork. All inspired by nature.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I love to move, I love being outdoors, I love sunrise, I love sunset, I love to create, I put all of these things together into my artwork. I am a teacher of movement and I am also an artist, and more recently I have started to write poetry. I have gone full circle in my life, beginning my journey into art from when I was a child and coming back to it in more recent years. I live on the South Coast and spend as much time as possible in nature be it by the sea, in the hills or amongst the trees. All of my inspiration comes from nature, whether this is in the form of the human body or from the wonderful natural world around us. I love water and the patterns that are created by it. My artwork is ever evolving, from the sunrise to the sunset and with the changes of the seasons. I love to beachcomb and forage and gather inspiration from wherever I find it in the local area and to wherever I travel to. I use a variety of materials in my work including; pressed leaves, seaweed, petals and flowers, gold leaf, white pen, acrylics, ink and watercolour and I work on a variety of different surfaces.

Additional Information

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