Carl Pendle

Four Timbers, Birdham, West Sussex PO20 7HS

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Carl Pendle

Collage of printed photos bonded onto canvas to create a mosaic artwork of various subjects, but mainly landscapes.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I've been a professional photographer for over 30 years but have always been drawn to art and creating art from photos but found traditional fine art photography didn't inspire me so I wanted to create art that went beyond a straight photograph and forced the viewer to really look deeper into the picture like they would a painting. My background as a photographer was rooted in traditional film and transparency slides so wanted to create a tactile element to my work in the form of prints that created the piece. Very much inspired by the art of David Hockney and 'joiners', I decided to create work that broke down a scene through 100 individual photos printed out and arranged on a 1mX1m canvas. These finished pieces force the viewer to immerse themselves into the artwork and see the detail of the scene while stepping back to get a creative mosaic type view of the bigger picture.

Additional Information

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