Valerie McCallum

23 St James Road, Chichester PO19 7HS

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Valerie McCallum

Original textile art.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Valerie McCallum – Textile Artist. I like to use a wide range of textiles plus other materials to produce original art work inspired by nature and other artists as well as using my work to express my thoughts and feelings. My work is invariably starts with a sketch or drawing inspired by a topic which has excited me. Various techniques will be used to produce a finished piece of textile art using machines as well as hand stitched work. I endeavour to work to a high standard and experiment with different methods of embroidery. Since an early age I have always felt the need to create. After my children left home I completed an “Access Art Course” at Chichester College. At the same time I became a Foster Carer and decided I could not go on to university. All the time my artistic interests were part of the rehabilitation of children in our care. I am currently working on a series of pictures themed on birds. Valerie McCallum. November 2018.

Additional Information

Valerie McCallum
23 St James Road Chichester PO19 7HS
01243 698202

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