Jacky Bellamy

White Horses, Clyde Road,Felpham, West Sussex PO22 7AH

Jacky Bellamy

Large abstract oil on canvas or board.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I was a primary school teacher, where upon retirement updated my own art education by studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in painting and drawing. Now with a studio in the garden I'm able to find and create my own pathway through the ever broadening world of art My main interest lies in paint and its qualities of colour, tone and application. This has taken me into producing large, abstract, colour compositions. Using oil paint and many unresolved or discarded paintings I have been able to add to the historical marks and textures that these paintings give me. I currently like grouping areas within a given tonal range that can then be brought alive by contrasting light or dark marks. This is allowing me little time to draw but plenty of time to mix cups full of oil colour!

Additional Information