Vanya Shishkova

39 St Leodegars Way, Hunston PO20 1PE

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Vanya Shishkova

Acrylic abstracts mainly on canvas but also some ceramic tiles.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Professionally I'm a nurse and painting is something that I've wanted to do for quite a while now but never really had the time to devote to. As a new artist, my style is fuelled by a lot of improvisation and it's still under development. It will be a great pleasure to show you where the magic happens. My weapon of choice is acrylic paint but sometimes I also do different collages. Theme wise, there are no certain topics that I focus on specifically and sometimes it’s fair to say I grasp for a specific feeling and try put it down on the canvas before it disappears. In a sense, going through my works you can catch a glimpse of my abstract world.

Additional Information (@vanyasabstractworld)

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