Kim Tattersall

Hawthorn Cottage, Post Office Lane, North Mundham PO20 1JY

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Kim Tattersall

A variety of kiln-formed glass works, including dishes and tea light holders, as well as one-off art pieces.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I come from a textile background, specialising in print, and am very much driven by process and materials. I am fascinated by texture and surface - the contrasts between shiny and matt, rough and smooth, light and shadow. Crumpled paper and manipulated fabrics excite me beyond words - the play of light and shadow, the ‘memories’ of what has gone before. I am currently working with glass, exploring the interweaving of the two disciplines - textiles and glass - to create tactile work that engages with the viewer and makes them question what they are seeing. Text is creeping into my work - whispered words, thoughts, overheard conversations - floating on the wind, emotions unleashed. Thoughts, memories, words - captured within glass, set free by the transient light.

Additional Information

Instagram: kimtattersallglass

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