Shirley Faure

Said House, Salthill Road, Chichester PO19 3PY

Shirley Faure

Water colour paintings - many reflecting overseas travel. others of local interest. Carefully observed flower studies. Detailed pencil work mainly of wildlife subjects.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Shirley Faure is a local artist who retired to Chichester after spending over 25 years in West Africa, Singapore and Thailand. She still travels widely and has recently returned from an extensive visit to New Zealand. Always interested in wild life and the natural world, her environment has had much influence on her choice of subject matter. Her sketchbooks continue to fill with personal memories which mean so much more than a quick photograph. Having made many visits to the game reserves of Africa, the thrill of meeting the "big 5" never fails to appeal. New work this year features "The Matriarch" - an exciting close encounter which necessitated a quick escape.

Additional Information
Website features "Afloat on the Dutch Waterways", a book written and illustrated by Shirley Faure,
containing over 250 illustrations as seen from the deck of our Linssen 410.

Many of Shirley's paintings have been reproduced as cards with new designs added each year. Sold either as single cards or as packs of five assorted designs, these have proved extremely popular in previous Trails.

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